Day Training Program

Private Training

A unique and comprehensive education program for your dog.  Day training is similar to board & train programs without having to send your dog away. Better than doggy daycare in the sense that your dog will not pick up bad habits or lean towards aggressive play behavior.

How does it work?
Each puppy/dog are worked in an environment full of distractions of other dogs and humans giving them a stimulating environment while owners shop, run errand or work. 

Our trainers will take your puppy or dog for the day or even half a day. Depending on where they are with their training we can start from scratch right through to teaching tricks. Your dog will go on a structured socialisation walk and training can consist of crate training,  treadmill training, basic obedience, socialisation and confidence building. We also teach them home manners, exercising their minds as well as their bodies and teaching them tricks and games to play.

The benefits

  • Your dog will not pick up bad habits at day training with our trainers.
  • The dogs learn how to socialize with other dogs without risk of harm.
  • Dogs use up a great deal of energy physically and mentally during their time with us, which makes a well-rested pet in the evening.
  • Day training helps alleviate behavior problems.
  • Day training dogs learn manners that can be used in and out of the home. To include how to behave around other dogs.
  • They are properly crate trained.
  • Trainers agree the vast majority of behavior problems (for example excessive barking, chewing and digging) – particularly in puppies – result from lack of exercise so we tire them out for you.
  • Owners have peace of mind knowing their dog will be well cared for and well-exercised throughout the day; it allows for
  • guilt free dog ownership.

Who are good candidates for Day Training?

  • Fully vaccinated puppy's to Golden Oldies. We have a program for all ages and abilities.
  • Dog's who's owners are out at work all day.
  • Dogs who are exhibiting bad behaviours due to lack of exercise such as excessive barking, digging & trying to escape.
  • Day Care drop outs. Those that have been kicked out of day care for bad behavior or those that have had to dropout after experiencing a bad situation.

    Day Training investment:

    Half Day $99.00 + GST

    Full Day $175.00 + GST

    Please use the contact form below if you would like to book your puppy or dog in for our day training program.


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