Sharron qualified as an explosive detector dog hander from the Royal New Zealand Police College and in doing so was the first ever female explosive detector dog handler in New Zealand.

Deployment of the explosive detector dog was mainly in the international aviation industry at Auckland International Airport.

Subsequent deployment of a cross trained dogs to detect both explosives and firearms resulted in Sharron being utilized by the New Zealand Police Force nationally when executing search warrants.

When New Zealand hosted the Australia Pacific Economic Conference in Auckland Sharron and her explosive detector dog were imbedded with the American Secret Service providing security to then President Bill Clinton.

Sharron has also escorted many high profile VIP's in her role as a dog handler including the Pope and Celebrities such as the late singer-songwriter Michael Jackson.

Sharron undertook further University Studies to graduate from Massey University in both Animal Husbandry and the Principals of Canine Behaviour.

In subsequent years in New Zealand, Sharron became licenced to hold narcotics to enable the training of Drug Dogs.

Sharron deployed these drug dogs in both educational facilities plus work place environments New Zealand wide.

Deployment of Drug Dogs were part of an extensive Work Place Health and Safety plan delivered along with drug education.

Upon immigration to Australia Sharron continued with the training and deployment of narcotic detector dogs in the work place taking her as far afield as Perth from the Gold Coast.     

Sharron is now available to help you with your pet dog/s for all of our training programs.

Sharron is also extensively involved with Gold Coast Dog Trainer's Allergen Detection Dog Program, working closely with Emma to train and provide these life saving dogs to those that need them the most.