The Gold Coast Dog Trainer team are dedicated to helping you enhance your relationship with your dog, whether that be through training or walking your dog. By using clear communication and good leadership you can have the dog you have always dreamed of.... a dog so obedient you are complimented at the dog park or beach!
There is no such thing as ‘an old dog can’t learn new tricks’ or a ‘stupid dog’.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of understanding and communication. Your dog is always trying to understand you and the reasons why you do the things you do. Your dog is constantly trying to figure you out. Dogs are not vindictive, when your dog digs up the yard or trashes your house whilst you were out, the dog certainly did not do it as revenge for you leaving it, or to get back at you. Whilst dogs do share human emotions such as happiness, sadness, love and fear, dogs and people think very differently.
The trainers at Gold Coast Dog Trainer know how to "speak dog" and we want to help you to bridge that gap!
Our consulting services for problem dogs are often used or referred by other dog training businesses on the Gold Coast and Brisbane to rectify behavioural issues that they have been unable to solve themselves. 
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