Emma - Owner/Operator

Emma is a former Police dog handler from the UK. She has grown up with dogs her whole life and always had an affinity for them. When she first joined the Police force she knew she wanted to become a Police dog handler. At the age of 25, Emma applied and achieved the highest ever recorded result in the exams on her dog suitability course. She was the first and youngest person in her force to pass all of the rigorous testing procedure to become a dog handler, with only 4 years policing service.

Her career went on to include working with German shepherd general purpose dogs. This involved tracking for suspects and property, on and in the vicinity of a track, public order situations, man work and straight chases (attack on command) and also a high level of dog obedience training. Emma and her German Shepherd, Police Dog Cody, were on the front line at both the G20 protests in London 2009 and the London Riots in 2011, working to keep the peace and restore order.

Emma was also attached to the counter terrorism unit in central London and worked as an explosive search dog handler. She and her dog would provide a response to possible or suspected terrorist attacks. Patrols included searches of trains, airports, aeroplanes, buildings and surrounding areas especially prior to VIP movements.

Emma and her dog regularly escorted members of the royal family including the Queen, members of parliament, the current UK Prime Minister Teresa May and former Prime Minister's David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. She has conducted searches ensuring the safety of numerous celebrities, high profile VIP's and sporting personalities including major events such as Notting Hill Carnival, International soccer matches and the London Olympics.

In 2010 Emma and Police dog Cassie were chosen to take part in a government funded trial with scientists to produce a training aid in the detection of HMTD a relatively new home made explosive. Cassie and two other Police dogs were the first in England to successfully detect this scent. The trial was a success and as a result enabled Police forces across the country to train their dogs in the detection of this substance for the first time.

Emma was entrusted to personally take home puppy’s that had been identified with the potential of becoming future Police dogs and would train them in the initial stages. She would also be consulted in the decision of whether or not to proceed with their training.

In 2012 Emma decided to give up her dream job to move to Australia. Emma fought to keep Cassie however, her UK Police force would not release Police Dog Cassie as she was regarded as too valuable an asset and Emma was devastated when Cassie was retained by the force. However, Emma successfully brought German Shepherd Cody and Labrador Tia with her.

Emma went on to serve in the South Australian Police Service for over two years on patrols. She then decided that she missed working with dogs so much, she would give up her 12 year career in the Police in a pursuit of building a career with dogs once again. In 2014 Emma moved to the Gold Coast where she founded Gold Coast Dog Trainer.

Emma now provides dog training services on the Gold Coast, from teaching dogs basic commands through to rectifying complex behavioural issues. She has helped owners to gain control and rebuild their bonds with dogs that they had almost given up on. She also trains security dogs and specialises in training Explosive Search and detection dogs.

Most recently Emma featured on Channel 7 News after training and qualifying Daisy an Allergen Detection Dog - the very first in Queensland trained to detect Peanut. Daisy’s owner has a severe life threatening allergy to Peanut and today Daisy is a valuable asset (and much loved pet at home!) to her. Daisy is able to indicate the presence of peanut which has changed her owners life significantly. Daisy as a certified assistance dog is able to go everywhere including places such as public transport, aeroplanes, hotels and perform tasks such as checking her owners food at cafes and restaurants. Emma will very soon be embarking on an allergen detection dog program, where she hopes she can raise awareness for allergy suffers, bring a better quality of life for those struggling with this issue and once again help to save lives.

Emma now has a team of trainers with over 60 years cumulative experience in professional dog training, predominantly from a policing background. Check out their profiles below to learn more about the trainer in your area.