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Behaviour Modification Program
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Behaviour Modification Program Gold Coast Dog Trainer
Behaviour Modification Many factors can contribute to the development of behavioural problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, excessive barking, phobias and fears, destructiveness or indoor elimination. With the appropriate help and advice these problems can be modified and managed. A behaviour modification is to help modify problem behaviour and involves assessing...


Private Dog Training - The Jump Start Program Gold Coast Dog Trainer
Wish your dog would just settle down a bit more around the house?  Maybe stop jumping all over you and your friends, stop dragging you down the street on walks, and just listen more?  Life is exciting for your dog, and you want to enjoy living with your dog more, too!  Imagine...

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The Essentials Program Gold Coast Dog Trainer
The Essentials Program You want the freedom to do what you love, while your dog is around.  Have people over.  Go to the park.  Go for embarrassment-free walks.  Be able to leave for work without the chase around the yard. Your life will be so much more enjoyable with your dog when you have...

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