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Set for Life Program

Imagine the peace of mind of your dog’s training being done the fastest, most effective and enjoyable way… perfect for your busy life, without worrying about the hardest part - the initial training. 

You know that your dog actually listening to you will mean more freedom for you AND your dog, and so much less stress and frustration in your day.  Everything is worked on - jumping up, barking too much, dragging you along during walks, overreacting to other dogs and people, chewing, digging, stealing stuff, play biting… you name it! Along with a comprehensive list of commands and even some tricks.

This program will get you there the quickest and easiest way.  We’ll even come to your house to train you, and help you right where it’s all happening. The program is customised around what’s most important to you, and your dog’s personality.

Your dog will come stay with us for 10 days so that they are already so much farther along when we start training you.  We’ll teach you everything you need to know, quickly, to maintain your dog’s new training.

You don’t even have to worry about your dog’s training slipping over time!  This course includes hours of training with head trainer Emma, to ensure your success. Designed for the fully committed owner who wants to learn and partake in their dogs training at all levels.

This program also includes polishing lessons if you need some help down the road getting your dog back on track, AND lifetime support from your trainer is just a text or call away. Each trainer has only one board and train at one time so our attention is focused on your dog.

** Please Note: This program is not suitable for reactive or aggressive dogs. Dogs will be screened via questionnaire to assess their suitability for this program before booking. Please contact us via email if you are interested in this program and we will provide you with further information.

Program includes:

10 Day Stay for your dog in trainer’s home (and a go-home bath!)

Your dogs goes home for the weekend.

2 days training completed with our trainer & owners to ensure success.

2-3 hour handover training session.

2 Private Lessons (in your home!

Program Investment: $3000


**PLEASE NOTE: All board and train programs now have a waitlist and limited availability. If you are interested in booking a board and train, please click the link below and complete the following form and we will be in touch: .


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