Gold Coast Dog Trainer provides the very best obedience training
for your four legged friend!

Do you answer YES to any of the following?

Does YOUR dog..... 

Pull you down the street on walks? Ignore commands? Embarrass you by not coming when called?

Gold Coast Dog Trainer will be able to turn your naughty dog into a nice dog!

Gold Coast Dog Trainer come from a Police Dog Handler and Training background. Our Resume's boast training explosive search dogs that have escorted the Queen and Prime Ministers of England. Assisting the American Secret Service, handling Police dogs on the front line of major riots and trained detection dogs that have recovered millions of dollars worth of illicit substances. We featured on Channel 7 news with Daisy the first certified peanut detection dog in QLD trained by Emma our owner & head trainer.

We bring our love of dogs, wealth of knowledge and experience to provide you with the very best training for your pet.

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